Facebook Ad Mini Course

Ultimate Guide to Create Your First Facebook Ad!

Facebook Ads....Don't go it alone.

This mini course will give you the tools and strategies you need to create and run your first facebook ad. Plus, you get me as your wingman!

Here's a breakdown of each module and what you'll learn:

Module 1: Facebook Marketing Basics

➼ How to Use Facebook for Business (includes sales funnels)

➼ How to Create and Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

Module 2: Navigating Facebook Ad Dashboards

➼ How to Set Up Your Ad Account for the First Time

➼ How to Navigate Ads Manager and Power Editor

Module 3: The Facebook Pixel

➼3-Step Pixel Process (Find it, Install it, Use it) - includes checklist!

Module 4: The Stucture of an Ad

➼ The Campaign Level of an Ad

➼ The Ad Set Level

➼ The Ad Level

Module 5: Putting It All Together (from start to finish)

➼ Traffic Ad

➼ Strategic Boosted Post/Ad (Boost the RIGHT way!)


➼ Download: Complete Guide to Ad Objectives

➼ Download: 3-Step Pixel Process Checklist

➼ Join the Private Facebook group, Facebook Ads Community for Infopreneurs